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The most important aspect about your wedding day is celebrating your love with those you hold dearest to your heart.

As a Toronto wedding photographer, the wedding photographs that I create for you will showcase the love and partnership between you and your significant other plus your connections to your families and friends. I hope that every time you look at your photographs, you’ll be reminded of what it feels like to be IN love and to BE loved.

A Celebration of Love, Partnership, and Connections.

Steaming things up at the Steamwhistle Brewery, Toronto.

At the Scarborough Convention Centre.

In front of the Princes’ Gates, Canadian National Exhibition.

A cottage wedding at Jackson’s Point, Georgina, ON.

Lovely lighting in the Hacienda Sarria, Kitchener.

Main Street Markham.

Osgoode Hall, downtown Toronto.

University of Toronto.

Up at beautiful Lake Rosseau, Muskoka.

Dundurn Castle grounds, Hamilton.

Le Jardin Banquet Hall, Woodbridge.

Family and friends all gathered together is something to cherish.

A sweet moment between mother and daughter.

The groom’s grandfather surrounded by his beautiful family.

A traditional Chinese tea ceremony is for a couple to honour their family.

The bride and groom with their parents.

Fathers walking their daughters down the aisle.

Each step is a big one for both father and daughter.

Celebrating with your loved ones..

.. is what’s most important on a wedding day.

A lovely bride and her bridesmaids.

Under the Princes’ Gates.

Looking casually cool on a hot summer day.

Was that a sudden breeze that picked up the veil or a coordinated effort?

They have each other’s back.

Bridesmaids helping the bride with her dress.

Groomsmen helping each other out.

Even a groom can help his bride get ready.

Love the socks and shoes!

The mothers of the bride and groom sharing a moment of laughter.

Having some fun during the chaos.

Sisters sharing an emotional hug.

A bride and her father after their dance.

The joy of a first look..

.. continues into the ceremony.

A mother and daughter moment.

Everyone was moved to tears.

Laughing among friends.

A trio of embraces.

A tender moment during a traditional tea ceremony.

Looks like everybody is enjoying themselves.

A spontaneous TTC bus ride.. colour coordination with the chair fabric was a coincidence.

It’s the shoe game.

So happy he feels like flying.

Having fun with the little ones.

Lost in the music.

This isn’t something you see very often.

The bride & groom wanted a fun photo with their bridal party – this is what we came up with.

“All the single ladies, all the single ladies..”

Let’s dance!

This is their moment to enjoy.

A tender father-&-daughter and mother-&-son dance.

Sharing a private laugh.

A choreographed dance performance.

Having fun on the dance floor.

Is this the robot or the chicken dance?

The dance floor was all theirs.

Engagement session elegance.

Polished and refined.

Atmosphere, drama, and style.

A contemplative groom looks out the window.

A beautiful bridal party under a dramatic sky.

Using the surrounding environment to help create a unique composition.

Cherry blossoms make for a beautiful background.

It was just us and Mother Nature.

Urban environments can be stunning as well.

A romantic photo in front of the stained glass windows.

Vision and passion came together to create this striking moment.

Dreamy and surreal.

On stage at the Queen Elizabeth Theatre.

A tranquil garden sets a romantic mood.

Amazing what you can find so close to the city.

Drunk on love at a winery.

She’s got him right where she wants him.

The only way a kiss can be more romantic..

.. is if there was a sunset.